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The college application process is a very general one so the importance of having an application that stands out is top priority. Each school has something different to look for and we assist with shaping each application to provide the best chance of admittance.

IVY’s college consulting specialty is understanding every aspect of your child in terms of their personality, strengths/weaknesses, goals, achievements and other academic traits to provide options for school and universities that best fit your student. Our comprehensive services that have a proven success rate will give a unique and valuable experience to an overly streamlined process.

  • Compile full list of prospective colleges/universities
  • College evaluation tracker
  • Review of academic records, psychological evaluations (if applicable), test scores and other materials relevant to college selection.
  • Track progress on evaluation tracker
  • Assessment of extracurricular activities
  • Extracurricular opportunities
  • Pursue letters of recommendations
  • Academic roadmap for remaining years
  • Plan college visits and strategize for interviews
  • Standardized test planning and scheduling
  • Begin academic/ extracurricular student resume
  • Assistance with applications, including review of student essays.
  • Interview scenario and question preparation
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Staying informed via school visits and participation in professional meetings.

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