Junior High School & High School Educational Consulting & Counseling

Our educational consulting services are aimed at helping students that would like to apply and enroll in private or boarding schools with an admissions process.

With our services and counseling we can assist with the following information and procedures.

  • Comprehensive assessment of the student ranging from academic strengths/ weaknesses to extracurricular interests.
  • Academic planning and mapping to ensure students are on the right course to gain admittance to secondary school with a strong application.
  • SSAT and ISEE testing strategies, tips and tutoring (with an extra fee.)
  • Determining right levels of participation and achievement in extracurricular activities
  • Academic and extracurricular execution
  • Admissions application assistance
  • Securing necessary letters of recommendation
  • Deadline and task management
  • Interview coaching
  • Waitlist procedures
  • Financial Aid procedures